You Are My Son Shine

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Today, I want to celebrate my son, Marcel.   On September 26,  he turned 27 years old. I can't believe the time has flown.  I can tell you from the first moment when he looked up at me with his wide open eyes, I knew he would be incredible. My son has the most contagious smile I have ever seen on any other human being. When he smiles, his eyes sparkle and he warms your heart. You can ask anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him and being greeted with his smile. 
Marcel is gifted and possesses many talents.  At the age of 2 years old my son read. He read words out of context. I know this because I thought he had just memorized the words I had been reading him since he could sit up, but no -- when I pointed to different words in the books, he repeated what the words said.   It was INCREDIBLE!!  He has always had a song in his heart. His favorite song I would sing to him was "You Are My Son Shine." His favorite book was "The Big Hungry Bear" - it's about sharing the big ripe strawberry. To this day he applies that book with all situations -- he is a giver.                                 

He's always been inquisitive and creative. He was always the honor student and pushed himself academically all his life. He currently teaches chem labs, is working toward his doctorate in chemistry and is a DJ for the end of the week and through the weekends. He does alot for many community events and services. He is a young man of service whether through work or just for the cause. He has alot to offer this world. I know my son will be part of a change for making life better. His research will find answers to find preventions and cures. 

Last December, when I decided I was going to pursue my passion for art, he bought me a french easel and several canvasses, because he wanted to support my love for art.   At the same time, I painted him this painting appropriately named, "You Are My Son Shine" -- I had it framed in gold.  It represents the colorful, brilliant person that he is, depicts the Son Shine, heart and feathers. The feathers are the depictions of my thought that my son has been an angel on this earth and one of my dearest blessings. You will see the feathers are falling - they represent what is left because he is constantly going and doing. He sings, he dances, he works, he serves -- most of all the hearts represent -- he loves. He loves all!!  His family and his friends mean the world to him.  He means the world to us.

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written by Catchadragonfly, October 25, 2010
Such a lovely piece of work!!
I can really relate to this piece as the artist cunnigly seems to be a few things in common with me!!
I have 2 Sons...Both of whom are my "Son Shines !!"
My youngest turned 27, 12 August. My eldest will 30, 18 November.
Our wedding Anniversary is 26 September.
So a few details in common.
The piece is very lovely and would be delighted to have it hang proudly in my home.....
"Well done"
written by Kocharacha60, November 07, 2010
Thank you for the lovely comments and compliment!!!

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