The Wondering Raine Collection (a working progress)

Posted by: Vanessa-May


Lets say about two weeks ago I had a conversation with a fellow artist and a good friend of mine, that popped the idea into my head which lead me to proceed with this idea.

Wondering Raine my painting  which you maybe familiar from my last blog if not here is the painting of her bellow.

This Idea encouraged me to buy some clay and guess what I decided make jewellery.  The first week I researched how to make to it.  The second week bought I non-fired clay to make samples.  My initial idea didn't start from Raine rather than Sugar Skull Designs which are still in my head and will do in the future. However I was more excited in turning my paintings into a Jewellery design.  Which I now gonna go with the slogan 'take with you a mini canvas every where', or something on those lines. Bellow is some quick rough sketches of some designs.

Bellow are the samples of the pedants in non-fired clay before they are painted.

The bellow image was the first design I did out of clay and made it slightly raised too. Before it was painted i was not quite sure about it, that's why i made another pendant with out the raise.  The outcome of both pendants, I love and when I finally receive all my new equipment I make both pendents on a necklace unique and different.

Bellow is the flat pendant painted.

I made some smaller designs to be fitted as dangling earrings.

Finally here is the heart set and earring set.

You have no Idea how frustrated I am.  I am now waiting on the ordered materials such as clay that can be fired and findings due to the last bank holiday things are moving a bit slower.  I can't wait till I can finally get start on the actual collection then hopefully begin to exhibit them along side my paintings.    It will be all finished in the precious metal sterling silver findings and I hope my first customer will adore my first handcrafted 'The wondering Raine Collection' jewellery.  I'm so excited regardless of the set backs.


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Paul A Reeves
written by Paul A Reeves, May 30, 2011
These look brilliant. :-)

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