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Anti-Clockwise Instrumental

Posted by: CSHoldsworth

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'Anti-Clockwise Instrumental'

A piece created at Thwaites Mill in Leeds. Our project was based on site specificity. My intention was to select a part of the mill that had been neglected. I chose an embankment which was made up from discarded objects and rubble. I wanted to give this piece of land its own voice. To release this spot of lands 'voice' I decided to build an instrument into the ground. The sound/music of this mound can then be released through a vessel. Every item used in the construction of the piece was found at the site. To release the noise you must turn the stick anti-clockwise, to simulate turning back time to hear the sounds of the past. The stick was used to make it seem as though you have to churn the land to discover the music. The inside components are built inspired by the workings in the mill, but have been altered using my own ideas. The sound created is a way of giving the land it's own voice in this mill site, and not a replica of the sound found in the mill itself.

The video worked out being more successful then expreiencing the 'Instrument' in person. Due to a limit in time, elements in the piece were unable to be fully figured out, leaving the piece sounding rather quiet. Against the sound of the nearby wear it struggled to stand out as much as I'd hoped. This is an idea I'd hope to push further in the future. The context will be different, but with a better setting and an extended time-scale the results should be much improved.
Images From Construction

As I was dismantling the piece once it had exhibited, a 'happy accident' occurred. Removing the bricks caused the surrounding earth to collapse. This along with the box that already existed provided an interesting composition in the earth. Although man-made the new derelict art inherited the feeling of abandonment and ageing. Both factors, along with the use of removing earth to base my art I will pursue further.





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