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This is my special Valentine present to my partner this year. The original idea was simple: making a Silver Pebble with our indexprints on each side as if we were "finger-connecting".

So, each focal bead has my partner's indexprint on one side and mine on the other. I have made them in pure Silver, but they can be done using clay, polymer clay, paper clay and probably many other materials I did not think of... The most important is that you can somehow leave and fix your fingerprint on it.

Once the focal beads are ready, they can be simply mounted on a leather cord closed by a current clasp.

And here are our Valentine bracelets: they have a rough and primitive look, can be worn on a sporty, casual or elegant outfit, but above all they are absolutely unique :-)

For obvious reasons - I think you would not especially care to wear my partner's and my fingerprints around your wrist ;-)) - I cannot make this item for you (unless you are prepared to send me you fingerprints imprinted on an appropriate support).

But I thought this could inspire crafty people who work with other media too.

Happy Valentine Crafting!


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