Painting Hydrangea Flowers Step by Step Tutorial

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Hydrangea flowers have long been a favorite of mine.  It looks like a very complicated flower to draw or paint so I was delighted to find this tutorial which shows you very clearly and simply how to paint them.

The first step is to have a glance to real flowers. As you have a feeling about it it will be the best base to feel the same during drawing. This is the hydrangea I drew, and you can use any another pictures or from your own memory.

Draw by pencil or brush a group of hydrangea flowers you choose with several leaves near it.  Try to feel relaxed during the process.. it`s very easy: 4 simple petals per flower. You can also use that picture to copy and color it.

Paint out with white pencil (or watercolor) the ends of the petals as shown. If you draw on white paper use light pink color instead white.

On that picture you can use all colors you like. I choose dark-pink  to make the centre of petals.  Don`t worry about result, just do it. The point is to make strokes on the direction from centre to end of petals.

With a dark red color make several petals more lively. Not each one but several, you can choose it using own intuition.

With violet color make gaps between petals deeper. It`s a mistery how different colors creates the picture you can recognize as natural.

With white again, make smoother the edge between white ends of petals and another colors. That way you can feel better how to create the volume of hydrangea, do it the way you feel and enjoy the result.






Using orange to create sun spots on the petals, let the picture be impregnated with sunpower. Feel how the energy of colours flows from your fingers to the paper.

Use yellow in the same way.  As you do it, the image starts to radiate light.

Now we can start on the leaves. Use dark green pencil to draw the leaves as you see on the picture. It is easy but it is important to make strokes in the direction of natural veins of leaves.

Using medium green colour to make the veins of the leaves, make them a little darker.

Use yellow colour to make several strokes on the leaf and if you used aqua pencils then use waterbrush (or brush) to water the whole picture.  Do it carefully in the directions of the strokes.

As you see, water makes the picture more bright. If you use your brush carefully all strokes will keep their direction and the picture will look natural. You can finish on that step  if you like it.

Now it`s time to draw hydrangea`s background. It is created by several smears of aquarel (watercolors) with a brush. Several spots of pink colour, several of red and more spots of white and our eyes starts to discern another cluster of flowers at the back of the picture.

Make several long strokes with a brush with white aqua color for the leaves. Several long strokes with green colour creates the leaves on the back.

The final step is to create the illusion of movement. Make several short strokes with a brush with dark green colour.

...and several short strokes with a brush with yellow color as you see on the picture. Trust to your own intuition and feelings more and your result will be the best.


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