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A little over a year ago, I rediscovered my love for art. I was surfing the internet in order to network with other artists to receive inspiration for my art direction.

In my search, I've met numerous artists, but none have come near to who I consider my most favorite artist, Robin Maria Pedrero. Not only are her works a visual journey, the person that she is goes beyond words. Because of her wonderful personality and tremendous works of art, I've become one of her collectors. I own several of her works. I have told her if I were to win the lottery, I would go on a Robin Maria Pedrero spending spree.

When I want to be inspired to paint, I go to what I refer to as my "Robin Maria Pedrero Wall" and receive energy and inspiration to begin my works. You will see her influence in my art. She provided me direction and encouragement. I prayed for guidance with my art and God led me to her.

When I would receive my beautiful works from her, not only would I receive high quality beautiful pieces she produced, she always included extra gifts as well. The presentation of her packages goes above and beyond. She would write encouraging words in each package I received. As you can see, I am one of her numerous fans. Along with being a collector, we have become friends who have never met in person, but through our love for art.

Soon after meeting her, I tried to figure out a way to repay her for getting me through some of my toughest times. Then I thought, I would paint her something. The piece within this blog is "Tribute to Robin". It will never be reproduced or sold. She has the original as a gift from me to her. It is such a small token as to what she has given me. I found out in a recent interview she had, a painting she did called, "Happiness" was inspired with me in thought. Needless to say, I own that piece and it is even more special to me after hearing her interview. A God thing indeed.

You can travel the visual journey yourself and share in the wonders of her art and her upcoming worldwide events by visiting her website at -- where there are many links you can view and purchase her works for your own enjoyment.

Paint brushes up to Robin Maria Pedrero!!

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