Morning Glory

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This canvas didn't start with "Morning Glory" in mind. It was actually going to be an abstract with a rooster in the center. When I looked at the piece, it didn't appeal to me at all. So I took the 8" x 8" gallery wrapped canvas over to the sink and started washing my error off the canvas. As I removed the rooster, I noticed how the abstract colored lines I had painted gave an interesting background. So I left some of the original painting to use as background. I painted over it and you can see the artful effect it provided.

I've always loved to visit gardens -- one of my favorite gardens is located on Vancouver Island. I love Roses, especially because of how beautiful they are and because of their fragrance. My mother grows the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen in a yard. She always has an arbor full of morning glories. In the early morning when I drive up to her house, there are always birds feeding off her flowers and seed trays. There are usually one or two humming birds buzzing around. I chose to paint the birds in white and gold because there is nothing more heavenly than those two colors together.

In my art, I use alot of clusters of three. Those three elements when grouped represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I usually, along with listening to music and lost in my creativity, ask for assistance from God in guiding my hand to be used in a vision which will make those viewing feel happy or like what they are seeing. Like myself as a collector, the pieces that I have collected from other artists move me emotionally in one way or another.

Also, in many of my pieces you will see swirls. I don't like alot of open space in my life. I love being around beautiful things and love being around my family and friends. The swirls bring me comfort. I think it is residual stemming type tendency from my childhood autistic world.

And the color in my art. I love color, color and more color. My first born son brought color into my life. I've always been attracted to color and glitz (sparklies), thus my art is colorful -- sometimes I think to the extreme. To me color represents diversity and I have acceptance and tolerance to each unique person, who I feel has purpose in this life for each moment that we have breath. I also have a hope that our purpose continues after this one!!

I have a sense of humor like no other. I love laughter. I love happiness and good times, thus most, if not all of my work is whimsical and bright -- just like "Morning Glory".

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written by Marilyn, October 11, 2010
It's beautiful!!
written by Kocharacha60, October 13, 2010
Thank you, Marilyn. I loved your forum about your space in which you create. I have a huge back room in the back of the house that I rent that is tiled, has a huge window to light it up and a hal bathroom next to it. I turned it into a studio with all my precious pretty things to decorate it. I have a Robin Maria Pedrero (Orlando, FL artist) wall as I own several of her original pieces of art. Your items are lovely. I love the one you have on your avatar.

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