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My favorite medium to work with for my art is acrylic.  Sometimes I add ink in a pen form to my acrylic pieces for emphasis and to draw attention to some of my more hidden elements. But overall, I love the sliding of acrylic on a paint brush.  To me, this medium is the easiest to manipulate and flow on to a canvas along with where the brush may take me in my creations.

I have explored many mediums in my artistic creations.  I've done paper mache, floral arranging, scrap booking, card making, carving wood, painting wood, watercolors and drawing.  I've used different shades of lead pencil in drawing.  I have several of those pieces in my poetry scrap book. Most recently, I wanted to explore what I could do with color pencils. 

The piece displayed here is named "Abuelita's Curiosity".  I sketched out my piece initially using a lead pencil, then I colored it with color pencils. 
The drawing depicts my grandmother (Welita), who died in 1967.  I remember her in her apron and she always seemed to be doing laundry. I actually took two places I remember her living and combined them into a new and original place in my mind.  She lived in a little house next to railroad tracks and then she lived by an airport in a little house with her washer in the back yard.  She always had Nopales Cactus in her yard, because she made the most delicious nopalitas. 
She often stood at the edge of her yards just looking out aimlessly at things.  In this piece, I have her standing on a crate (she was less than 5 foot) to catch a glimpse of a bird she heard through the fence, which sparked her curiosity.  I was 7 when she passed away, but her memory forever lives on in my mind and heart.

I framed this piece and it hangs in my dining area of my house as a constant reminder of the beautiful soul she was.  I have a hope of one day seeing her again.

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