Diamonds are for virgins

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Working with digital 3-D one at some time gets hit with claims that something is copied, even stolen. Let's say the digital render is of a diamond ring. There is also a model of the object rendered available from a server.  I would see the gold part of the ring and the diamond as being very different in copy possibility. Once you have the model you could use one of the 3-D printers to make a mold in foam to copy the gold part. Trying to do the same thing with the diamond you would have to deal with the planes of the material and it's crystallography in the way of an expert diamond cutter. I have seen articles about grinding and machining but maybe only for zircon and aother artificial forms. Certainly, ther are now artificial clear diamonds but I don't know that that process yields a specific cut. Anyway my point is when is the cat out of the bag? When is public content of a model the whole thing making it essentially worthless? With a canvas painting or jewlry the thumbnail is an entirely differnt thing. With the render there is a much more direct tie to the total art than even with a photograph. 
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