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    The media love the term Artistic Licence, but I would like to interpretate this                  terminology  to the best effect for you, the artist

Another description would be artistic impressions.    We will take for an example the artist drawing or painting a landscape.   Unlike taking a photograph, where one generally gets a true image of the area in question, the artist can take liberties with the scene.   By this I mean that "obstacles" such as a scrawny tree, an unkempt grassy mound, a broken down building or even some scraggy live-stock can be omitted from your picture.   Or if you feel this is too unkind, you can re-do them as healthy, attractive items, positioned on your paper or canvas, as you see f

Drawing sea-scapes, river-scapes and even buildings can all be treated in the same manner.

Should your sea/river scape be filled with unsightly boats, untidy buildings or fishing scrap,
then these can either be re-interpreted as above or removed.   

Still life work, of course, is always subject to change, but buildings may present a problem.
However, there is nothing in any book to say that you cannot alter the pitch of a roof; add a
window or door, or change their size / shape, or place them elsewhere or, reposition, add or
remove a chimney stack or two.....

You are the artist: you are the person who will create an illustration that will entrance and
entice the viewer and you are the ultimitate decider on what goes where in your work.
Be creative and indulge in your artistic licence.   Both you and the public will benefit.

Keep on drawing and painting.


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