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Learning how to theme your artwork can be very important, especially if you are the type of artist who prefers to specialise in particular genres: landscapes, seascapes, still- lives, etc.
I have to confess that I actually enjoy painting still-lives!    Now a lot of people think these too old-fashioned even to contemplate, but I like them...and better still....they sell.

However, to-day I am writing to say that Art themes are important but I know, as an artist that this can be too broad-based and instead that the artist should also learn to compose works, using one element, as in the case above, only.

Normally, one would compose a still life using four-five elements, but I have chosen to take
just one and create, I believe, a visually appealing painting from that subject.

The composition itself is compact and related.   Possibly in a "full" still life I would have painted apples, a glass jug, a large wedge of crumbly cheese, a knife and the drapes, but by painting just the apples (and their derivitive - apple jelly) I now have four more items from I can make interesting works!  
Why not take one of the above four items and create a still life?   And please continue to send your comments; they make fascinitating and very rewarding reading.

Enjoy your painting.


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