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      Become a better artist?    Why not?      I am sure that you like myself, have occasionally produced a drawing or a painting with which you were not entirely satisfied.   Possible it was too rushed or you took some shortcuts but the outcome was not the best!     It could also be that you have too wide a range to perfect and that perhaps you could reduce your subjects to a particular genre and really specialise and go on to produce superb artworks in that field.

As an illustrator of cars and bikes, I know that there are some "masters" in this arena and I have been studying, though not copying, their work.   I have also been in contact with several of these artists, who have been immensely courteous and helpful to me.    Of course, it comes across clearly to me, that the reason their drawings and paintings are so excellent, is that they never rush nor ever take shortcuts and that they, as I do myself, practice, practice and practice.      I do not intend to limit myself to such works, but I hope this subject I enjoy so much and those of buildings, will, in future, form the most important part of my work as an artist.

I am happy to say, that looking through my recent sketch pads, that emulating these "greats" is producing results, which I hope shortly to put into a series of automotive illustrations.    So, now, I can let  you know, that it is eminently possible to become a better artist....

Happy and successful painting,



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