Alacrity, simulacrity and pain

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I tend to write about things deep in memory. to avoid becoming to singular in this I use common objects that collectors have today as refererence markers. Fifty three years ago is my first car a 1948 Ford. About eight years later is my first motorcycle. I have made both of these objects from memory and they are found on other galleries. The next common item is my first and only house about seven years after that. I have made this object also. Then we come to how I made money. This is relevant now that I am retired as that is the source of my pension. At this point we separate a bit and I try not to exclude my viewers by going into things they have no interest or ability to understand. As art I met some well known individuals who are now deceased. You can look on the net for photos by Harry Gann or paintings by R.G. Smith to understand that public window. I have not found a way to refer viewers to drawings from that time in my life. 1981 began a phase that connects to my present circumstances. I left industry to spend 100% of my time on self defense. By 1984 I was homeless and took a 10,000 mile trip around America in a car my sister had given me.  It broke just outside Grand Rapids and I set off for Chicago on foot.
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