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Diabolical plans
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Now, you can take that title how you like :) Obviously, we've been making fiendish masks, as you can see,  or it could refer to the feelings inspired by being halfway through something that once again, seemed like a great idea at the planning stage....

Not only did this require an awful lot of fiddling about with wire to get a weave that was strong enough but also lightweight so as to not pull the mask forward, but to balance those horns out visually, this mask required the use of yet more wirework in the main panels instead of our normal beading.

This seemed like a good idea at the time- after all, we had just finished this...

...which as you might gather, had involved an awful lot of beading. The beak alone was several days labour and a frankly terrifying amount of black and pewter seed beads.

So what exactly is all this manic activity in aid of? Asides from a natural curiosity about just how far we can go with our chosen medium (a lot further yet it seems), we realised we had finally got our basic range pretty much sussed. We now have a good line of standard party pieces, bridal wear etc that sell well and can easily be updated simply by using new colours.
So, it was time to really put our backs into getting the word out. It's a lot easier to attract attention by shouting so we set out to create real show-stoppers, things that would grab people and be passed around. With these now a reality, it's time to do a bit of housekeeping to ensure our various selling platforms are in tip-top shape then a creative photo shoot to display these pieces to their best advantage.
The results of that will then go on to various fashion editors we are already stalking and the additional publicity will help us on our way to global domination. Which was, of course, our plan all along....*does evil laugh*

Karen and Rich :)

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