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Wondering Raine

Posted by: Vanessa-May




I haven't really been articulated about my paintings before now.  Maybe Its because I don't want to spoil the the viewers experience, when seeing my paintings for the time.  The artists that I have gotten to know, follow a similar practice and perhaps common amongst other creatives also.

Wondering Raine started from a dream I had.  I've had other dreams that resulted in me pursing it in to art form, which I tell you about when I blog those art works. For now this is about  Wondering Raine.

Raine has developed a lot since the initial dream.  I began  illustrating her from sketches then to digital and from that, I was encouraged by another artist to paint her.   I have  a few media projects on the go and plan one day to create an animation of this character.  However my paintings of Raine (which I also plan to do more of) I want them to remain abstract and keep the images in my mind unique rather than explaining a story, which then becomes illustrated works.   When I'm working with Raine on a painting I may wanna leave the initial story and explore another tangent while I paint.

With this painting I'm communicating certain emotions, one of them is searching for love and the journey it takes you on. On this journey one can be blinded by the dangers.  Which also beholds Raine on her journey.










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