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Too Many Earrings..........????

Posted by: shooglybeads

Tagged in: silver , Earrings , birds


Can a girl have too many earrings......? I don't think so! I have hundreds of pairs of these lovely little pieces of jewellery and I love every pair. I own earrings in every shape, size, colour and material known to man....a pair for every eventuality? You'd think so.... 'Why then,' asks hubby Michael, 'do you wait until half an hour before we're due somewhere before you decide you just must make a pair of earrings to go with the current outfit?' Hmmm...don't know. Just because I can? I also go through earring phases and that's where I am just now. Regular customers are awaiting an outpouring of sparkly bracelets for Party Season and it isn't happening! I'll have to hope lots of people want earrings or Shoogly Beads won't be selling very much over the next couple of weeks. (Picture: My Dreams Take Flight)

The Selkie's Garden

Posted by: shooglybeads

Tagged in: silver , Seashells , Polymer Clay , Pearls , Myths , jewellery , artisan

I love making handwired jewellery with a theme. Sometimes I can make two within a couple of days then it's months before another one appears. This one took about a week. Mike's nautilus beads set me off on this one plus looking at photographs of beach pebbles. I popped the nautilus beads on to a saucer and the others were slowly added. Next came the jade beads..then the seaglass and pearls. After wiring and stringing I had an asymetric single strand bracelet but it didn't look quite right. It wasn't until I made up the second strand that the name came. The bracelet became the Selkie's garden full of all the things she'd collect in her human and seal forms: shiny pebbles, seaglass, flowers, beads, pearls, shells and of course a captured human heart or two... I hope whoever ends up owning this one loves it as much as I loved making it......Pat

The sea in silver

Posted by: somethingxtraspecial

Tagged in: yachts , waves , solid silver , silver , sailing , pmc , patination , midnight sailing , fine silver , boats


Its just gone midnight but I've just discovered this place for bogging so thought I'd give it a quick try.  I have just finished the second in my sailing in silver and am so pleased with how they have turned out I want to show people.  I live right by the sea and go past it every night on my way home so its only natural that it would feature in my collection.  Ah - so now I have a problem - should have read the instructions first - where do you upload images?

Ok, just figured it out!  (read the instructions Sue!!)

Anyway, as I was saying - silver lends itself perfectly to moving elements catching the light, so in the first one It was more abstract though the sea was depicted, in the second, it is more pictorial than impressionist.  The first was to show the vivid colours from the yachts ailing in the solent race, the second more imaginary.  I hope from the pictures you can see the 3D idea.  Anyway, now I've figured this out, I'll be back, now it's time for bed!




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