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Spring has come, at last! Sure, it's still a bit shy, but the trees did not hesitate: with the first sun rays, they started to stretch their branches and to dress them with beautiful small flowers. I love spring and I love trees in blossom! And I especially love the cherry trees.

To me, the delicate cherry flowers are the supreme symbol of purity and serenity, flowers capable, if we look at them attentively, of freeing us from the chaos of everyday life... look...


According to Chinese mythology, in the goddess Xi Wang Mu's magic garden grew immortality cherry trees and long-life cherries. Furthermore, in China the cherry tree wood is said to ward off evil spirits.

That is why, when I subscribed to the European Design Contest 2012 organised by Swarovski and I-Beads, I decided to make silver cherry flowers. The white and luminous silver is a purity symbol too and the petals' silver shine enhances the yellow pistils represented by 3 Flat Back Swarovski Topaze Strass 1,8 mm (3 strass x 4 flowers = 12 strass).

The first selection is based on the public's votes on the Internet. So, if you like this jewel, you can vote by clicking on the following link (and if you wish, you are also welcome to share it :-)

This flower composition can be worn as a pendant, attached to a brown silk cord representing a branch, as a bracelet (you just need to wrap the "branch" around your wrist) or as a brooch.

I'll wait for your on the Blooming Beautiful's website :

Thank you and see you soon :-)


The sea in silver

Posted by: somethingxtraspecial

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Its just gone midnight but I've just discovered this place for bogging so thought I'd give it a quick try.  I have just finished the second in my sailing in silver and am so pleased with how they have turned out I want to show people.  I live right by the sea and go past it every night on my way home so its only natural that it would feature in my collection.  Ah - so now I have a problem - should have read the instructions first - where do you upload images?

Ok, just figured it out!  (read the instructions Sue!!)

Anyway, as I was saying - silver lends itself perfectly to moving elements catching the light, so in the first one It was more abstract though the sea was depicted, in the second, it is more pictorial than impressionist.  The first was to show the vivid colours from the yachts ailing in the solent race, the second more imaginary.  I hope from the pictures you can see the 3D idea.  Anyway, now I've figured this out, I'll be back, now it's time for bed!




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