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On the 27th of November I exhibited 3 of my paintings among many other rising   and successful artists that stay in Scotland.  It was an open free event, to any one and the centre also had evening entertainment. To bring people together to mingle and to meet new people.

The phoenix centre has 3 floors and there was good spots for every artist.  I have personally met the organisers Julie Coulter and Mark Getty.   They worked hard at net working to bring Scotland's artist together for the Phoenix Centre. To make this project achievable and I feel they did a great job.

In the next few pictures are samples of different artist work on display.


Originally the exhibition was open for one day.   The organisers have changed there minds are keeping it open for the next two weeks from the 27th during the week day to all public.  Which is great.  It was a great day, seeing my work on the wall and being seen. It was a great a feeling.  I keep you all up dated on the progress of the exhibition and the Phoenix Centre.  :)


Saying Hello

Posted by: Paul A Reeves

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Paul A Reeves


This will be my first blog here on Total Art Soul.

I have mostly worked as an artist and animator in the video games industry, moving around different games companies and working on titles such as the GTA games, Micro Machines, Bob The Builder. and loads of others. I have always painted as well as doing digital artwork, and I'll mostly be using this profile here on Total Art Soul to show and talk about my paintings, and some of my digital art.

I'm moving into film-making too, so I may chat about some of those projects. I do a lot of my own concept art and storyboarding for my film projects.

This coming Saturday the 27th of November I have a few paintings being exhibited in the Phoenix Centre in Glasgow. A lot of the best artists in the country are exhibiting there, so I'm really quite excited about it. I'll post news about it future blogs.


I'm working on some more Girl Bunny paintings and thought I would document and discuss some of the process and idea.   Girl Bunny is an acrylic painting which you can see the first painting by clicking here


Girl Bunny painting 2nd


With girl Bunny I wanted to approach something light hearted on the surface. In general  when people meet or see something for the first time there is only a surface they see until they look again or stick around to find out more.

That's what I've done with this small painting. Firstly one may just see a landscape, with a girl sticking out of a hole.  It either comes across funny with some kind of sense of humour or just plain odd.

Girl Bunny is in a desert popping out of holes in a sense in a search of something. There's a vast space that is filled with skinny trees with nothing but heart shaped fruit maybe?  Its seems that Girl Bunny is either at a loss or finding something that is hidden.

With this painting I just went with the composition and as I was painting, these ideas and thoughts came to me and I decided to create two other paintings to join the first.

With these paintings I would like to approach a sense of humour or the opposite.  But When I look at this painting it does put a smile on my face and I would rather leave it up to the interpretation of the Individual.

Girl Bunny painting  3rd:


My aim is to have these paintings finished at the end of the week.

The first painting is being exhibited at the Phoenix Centre in Glasgow on the 27th of November and I want to get these other to join the first.

Wondering Rainie and Girl Mysterious will also be there. There will be other artists that will be exhibiting there work and a chance to meet them.  The  event is free so if you fancy a day in Glasgow pop in.  Did I mention I be there for most of the day too?

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