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Uncharted Fog/Dream Walk

Posted by: CSHoldsworth

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'Uncharted Fog/Dream Walk'

As part of my research towards exploring the Landscape and how I could influence/change it, I decided to explore an unknown region to me to see how such an experiment could influence myself and my art. Around two years ago now I had my dad drop me off in moorland of which I'm unfamiliar with. He did this around 7.30-8 AM. It was around winter time, possibly January-February. The temperature was unbearably freezing and the fog was so thick it was difficult to see further than a few feet.

I was dropped off at the top of the moorland and had to make my way back using a map. The further I travelled the moor the wind dropped and the air warmed up.

After a while I felt the map wasn't helping as the fog was too thick. The way the land had formed and with the fog thick on each side of me I was forced to choose one route down. Being forced in one direction with the eeriness of the fog and lack of wind made the whole process feel almost dreamlike. I feel like the 'dreamlike' feeling I had was satisfyingly captured in the photographs which taken.

After around an hour of walking the fog lifted. There was a few signs directing me in the right direction, however they were still hard to follow. I eventually came across the cairns you see above. After following these cairns which sprawled across the landscape I eventually did find my way to more familiar land. To find these markers on the land was a pleasant surprise and further pushed the notion that this peculiar experiment I had taken was incredibly dream orientated.

I had initially intended this walk to change this land as I passed through for my own artistic gain. Once thrown into this scenario I couldn't help but just take in the amazing walk I was part of. Discovering this moorland and being part of this experience ended up being more important than what I had initially intended to achieve.

Beginnings:  the initial wash...

When I was in eastern Montana last fall I took a 100 mile + drive south and west of Miles City, following the Tongue River about 50 miles and then heading north on dirt roads about 40 miles to Rosebud where I got back on I-94 to Miles City. I took a bunch of photos along the way of the river, the fields and whatever looked interesting. Once I got on the dirt road with the warning signs posting "this road is impassable when wet", I was following near Rosebud Creek. There were these beautiful sandstone cliffs with a lot of pine and juniper. I have long been impressed with Albert Handel and Richard McKinley's paintings of such cliffs and rocks, so I shot a bunch of photos of the area and thought that one day I would do some paintings of the rocks and brush.

A side note..."road not passable when wet" is a reminder to me of living in eastern Montana and when it rains, the earth turns to gumbo...not the culinary delight - but a mud that is sort of clay like and as you walk in it; it collects on your feet until you can hardly lift your mud encased appendages. It is really like can actually form 3D items of art with it. My mother used to sculpt with it for fun. You couldn't go out and hike around until it dried; so one might as well spend some artist time and make things out of the mud!

Fortunately in October there is little chance of rain and had there been a cloud in the sky, I would have turned around and retraced my tracks back to Miles City on the gravel and asphalt roads.

So today I painted a second painting of the rock cliffs and shot some images as I progressed through the painting...I chose a piece of Art Spectrum paper and toned it with some reds washed with alcohol. Once this was alcohol wash takes minimal time to dry...I roughed in the sky and tree line.

Then I added more detail to the trees and basically finished them before tackling the rocks. I used Unison, lonelier and Mungyo pastels for the trees, starting with a dark lavender for my base, then adding some dark blue and the dark green.. Once I had the darks in, I sprayed the trees with some workable fix lightly to allow some of the tooth of the paper to come back so I could add some highlights to the tree branches.

So once the trees are in I can start to work on the rocks. Before I leave the trees, I make sure to have highlights of the branches visible and some light peeking through the branches as well. Now I start with the rocks; putting in some general masses, some hints of color and definition. A light spray of the fixative will help to create texture in the rocks, then more color and definition. Next the rocks get to share space with a "cow trail" that meanders down the hillside and more definition of the rocks take place and a bit of vegetation - weeds- sage, etc sprout up near rocks and trail.



I like to sometimes leave some of the initial wash showing through for interesting texture and color. The goal is to invite the viewer to think the scene is interesting enough to want to get on that trail and hike to the top of the rims and see what's on the other side of this ridge...and wonder where that trail goes...they almost always lead to water, to shelter or...

Hope you enjoyed the "demo"....happy painting!


A Spiritual Journey

Posted by: artbyjude

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It has been a while since I last posted a Blog entry.  I find writing a lot like painting, I can only do it when the mood takes me.  I really feel for authors and artists working to deadlines!!

Quite a lot has happened since I last put pen to paper, or should I say fingers to keys.  I have continued with my painting, sold most of them and completed several commissions.  I don't believe I will ever feel complacent about my work being sent into the hands of others.  I still find it unbelievable and very humbling.

Now you may be wondering why I've entitled this blog entry, A Spiritual Journey?  Back in November of this year, I attended a psychic supper.  I have to admit I'm more of a believer than a sceptic.  There were three different mediums there that evening and I was read by all of them separately.  The overwhelming theme that came through was that I'd spent many years wondering if I was on the right path and they all said, without doubt, that now I was on the right path.  One of the mediums even described my "studio" in my house!!

I can hardly put into words how much that meant to me.  It brings me so much happiness and peace.  The mediums also said that I have a psychic capability not yet explored 'I could do what they do!'.  I've been told this in the past and only now do I have the opportunity to develop this side of my capabilities.  Watch this space on that one.

And so, back to my art journey, which in itself is a spiritual experience for me and people have told me this is reflected in my artwork.  This gives me such a thrill as I feel I always paint from the heart.  There's much more I'm going to be involved with which will continue to push me outside of my comfort zone.  I have the opportunity to teach about oil painting.  It will take place at a beautiful rural study centre called Gleanings (click here for details, scroll down to Arts & Crafts).  This is exciting and nerve wracking but I'm sure it will also be enjoyable.

There is also something massive (for me!) happening in 2011.  I will be holding my first art exhibition in collaboration with others.  I can't tell you when or where or with whom just yet until the details are finalised but I will definitely share the excitement with you along the way.  If you're on Twitter, you can see developments by following @4_ArtsSake.

It will only be a year in March 2011 since I began this spiritual art journey.  I find it hard sometimes to comprehend all that has happened in such a short space of time.  That said, I'm such a believer in things happen for a reason.  I 'AM' on the right path now, now is my time to follow my heart and the passion which I've had since I was a little girl.

Thank you to everyone who continue to support me along the way.  A special thank you to Valerie Higgins (Twitter @valdary) who was there for me right at the beginning of this journey.  She sadly passed away this month and she will be sorely missed by so many people including me, she was a shining light of inspiration.

Finally, I want to wish you ALL the very best for 2011, I hope all your dreams come true.  Afterall "nothing happens unless first we dream".

Love and hugs



Jude xxxx
Art By Jude

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