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I enjoyed making these dollhouse miniature food. Macaron pops in sweet colours. It has a special effect on me. Looking at the colours put me in a bright positive mood. 

These dollhouse miniatures measure 1.5cm wide and 2.7cm tall.

I'm thinking of other colour possibilities of it.

If anyone has a suggestion, feel free to let me know!

Macarons - the french sweet pastry that many women would go crazy over. I think part of the charm is that it comes in different flavours and colours. The choice is endless.

I made these dollhouse miniature food version of macarons.  

As I ran out of the round dome glass covers, I had to make new listing for the cylinder cover instead.
I took this photo today.

Even though I've been making dollhouse macarons for a while now, but I never get tired of it.
And every photo is always different from the previous batch.
Seeing them makes me smile...Hope it brightens up your day too. 

Have you ever heard of cake pops? Maybe those who loves baking would be familiar with this. It was about a year ago that I heard and knew what cake pops were. Basically they were balls of bite-sized cake presented in a lollipop stick. They were then decorated with coloured chocolate and can be made into various themes and styles. 

I was inspired to make cake pops into dollhouse miniature food.  The tricky part was that, if it wasn't done right, it could look like a lollipop. I thought about how I would present the cake pops - either the cake pops would be on the top and the sticks would be stuck in a vase, box or a holder. The other way to present it was to have the cake pops lying down on a plate or tray. For this first piece, I picked to have them lying on a tray, partly due to the pattern that I wanted to make.

It was pretty fun making these cake pops into dollhouse miniatures, and I love the result of it.

I hope you would like them as well. I will be making more cake pops for sure, in some other designs and patterns :)

Each cake pop measures 0.6cm in diameter, and about 2cm tall in height.




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