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Water Babies

Posted by: GraphiteWeb

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I had a great opportunity for a custom drawing this month. My fiancee Heather's sister Hilary and her husband Jesse have a sweet little girl named Cori. Her first birthday was this week. Hilary and Jesse have been living in South Korea for 2 years, as Jesse was stationed there with the U.S. Army. They got a new assignment and are now living in Louisiana... and luckily, we got to see them as they passed through town. Hilary contacted us about 2 weeks before they flew back to the States with an awesome idea for Cori's birthday present. She wanted an 11x14" drawing of the four cousins in the family: Lakin (9 years old), Addah (7½ years old), Cori (1 year old) and little Abby (3 months old), as mermaids in the deep blue sea. I loved it... and had a blast working on it!

I used the older girls' favorite colors: purple and blue for Lakin and pink and orange for Addah. For the little ones, I has noticed that Abby's hair and features really stood out in the pink coral romper she had on, and likewise, Cori was beautiful in her little green dress. I was really able to capture the four girls' personalities in this drawing and I am very happy with it. Hilary and Jesse were ecstatic and couldn't wait to frame the piece for Cori's new bedroom!


Two new typography illustrations

Posted by: chrislanephoto

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A while ago I had a contest on my website to win a custom name illustration to one subscriber to my blog. Tanner L was the winner and a while ago I finished that illustration. It is a good example that the style illustration that I do can have any kind of names or words, not just family names. Tanner chose four directors, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, and Martin Scorcese, whose work influences him. I am quite happy with the end product and Tanner was also. He let me choose the colors, so I thought it fit his (and the directors' work) personality to use various shades of red on a black background.

Tanner's name illustration © Chris Lane Photo

Jenni, my sister-in-law (thus the same last name), also hired me to draw a custom illustration for her family, the more traditional route for these typographical illustrations. It worked as good timing since they recently had a new baby, young Dylan. Her decor is black and white, so to match that she had me use grey and black on a white background for the design. I thought it turned out splendidly. Jenni very much liked the illustration and said she would promote it to her friends, of which I am very appreciative of.

Jenni's name illustration © Chris Lane Photo

I'm glad that I could create two new happy clients with the illustrations.

Chris Lane




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