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Gone some where holly

Bears are cute

Bears are fun

Clay bears arent't for everyone


Some are silver,

Some are gold,

All are hiding under your noes.

Wrap them up tight,

And put them to bed,

Don't let little ones play with them


They can fall,

they can shatter,

Glue and pins, can't mend this matter.


You'll be sad,

You'll be lonely

Clay bears have gone somewhere holy.


As you probably aware or guessed from my other blogs I've started crafting my own jewellery.  The main medium I have used is polymer clay.  I was out shopping with a good friend of mine when the idea came to me to make clay bear jewellery.  That's what I did I went ahead and made some. As I was making them I got a little attached with my creations because they tiny and cute. I felt they should be more personal and special so thought of a poem. Now have many poems. I've collaborated with a writer who goes by Y.B Ellis.  The poem above is still in its creative stages however I was too excited to keep it in the creative stage and decided to blog it.

Oh don't worry the bears I have made are very durable and solid material its play on words beacuse the material I have used is called polymer clay and thats why I called them the clay bears. :)


Above little black bear with little pink heart is one of my pieces  on a silver plated chain of 16 inches and  with a 2 inch extention chain.


Bellow is pink bear and white heart embedded with swarovski crystel rhine stone. again silver plated chain with 2 intch extention chain.

I've opened a new online store called VMD Emporium because I'm not only going to be sell jewellery. I will sell art works too the illustration of 'Gone some where holly' will be in my emporium soon when I get the materials to mount it all nice and lovely. Come visit my etsy store here is the link to find more or see the clay bears. Currently there is 6 bears in total at the moment.  Also you can find Wondering Raine Collection too.


Thanks  Vx




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