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Robert Burns Artwork

Posted by: Paul A Reeves

Paul A Reeves


Drawing of scene from Tam O Shanter.

Before I set out to go and live and study in Sunderland, I began work on a series of Robert Burns paintings and drawings. I had the idea to release a book of artwork that covered the Robert Burns first edition of poems called the Kilmarnock Edition. Kilmarnock is my home town. This was the first publication of his work. It was released in 1786 and sold for the grand sum of 3 shillings. This publication paved his way to celebrity status.


Drawing from Scene from Tam O Shanter. Each in its cauld hand held a light.

I wanted to cover all of the Kilmarnock Edition poems with drawings and paintings. I also wanted to include artwork from some of my other favourite Burns poems, such as Tam O Shanter, and release it as a book. Quite an ambitious project for a teenager.


Acrylic painting. Tam O Shanter.

The book project came to a pause due to my acceptance for a University place in Sunderland, and not long after that my career in the world of video games began. I still have a grand collection of Robert Burns artwork which I will continue to add to. I still like the idea of releasing a book of artwork depicting the poems of that fine fellow.

Prints of Tam O Shanter and other artwork of mine can be seen and purchased here. Paul Reeves Art

And here. Paul Reeves Ar


Tam O Shanter

Posted by: Paul A Reeves

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Paul A Reeves



Tam O Shanter - Acrylic on board.

Like most artists, I look back at work that I have done in the past, and reflect on how I am progressing. Most of the paintings I exhibit and put online are those I have created over the last few years, and work that I believe is showing a distinctive development of my style.

This painting I made when I was eighteen years old, and it's one of the few paintings in my collection from those days that I still feel good about showing among my more recent work.

It's very different to the style that I am currently developing. I like the direction my current style is going in, and hopefully it will become recognisable as being mine. But I still see me in this painting. I still see me growing.

I went through very dramatic changes at this period in my life as far as my artistic awakening is concerened. I really felt for the first time like I was becoming an artist.

I love Robert Burns poetry, and I have made several paintings and drawings depicting his work. Tam O Shanter is my favourite Burns poem, and I wanted to capture the most exciting moment in the story when Tam is almost caught by the witch called Nannie. Tam tries to escape over the bridge, or brig over the river Doon, because a witch can't cross over running water. Tam manages to escape, but not before Nannie yanks the tail from his horse Maggie.

Prints of Tam O Shanter and other artwork of mine can be seen and purchased here. Paul Reeves Art

And here. Paul Reeves Art


Wee Scrapper

Posted by: Paul A Reeves

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Paul A Reeves

Wee Scrapper - Oil on Canvas.

This painting is quite life size, and has caught a few family members and friends offguard when entering a room and seeing this when I had it resting in a chair waiting to be taken away to be exhibited.

I loved painting this one, it was one of those paintings that just flowed.

I've always been impressed by people or organizations that build and fight their way to the top, quite often being confronted by far bigger and more powerful opponents. I love boxing, and what better way to tell the story of the underdog fighting to the top, than that of a wee tough character, gritting his teeth, not backing down, and squaring up to someone far bigger. He knows he's going to take a few hard knocks, but he's going to come out on top no matter what.

Prints of Wee Scrapper and other artwork of mine can be seen and purchased here. Paul Reeves Art

And here. Paul Reeves Art

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