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The Process

Posted by: dancinghorseart


I really got thinking about the process. Process of the ring, the process of life, I am not really sure but non the less the process of transformation!
I have been making jewelry for only one short year now. I started last December when I wanted to make a special gift for my partner. My partner is an artist, the kind that makes you question your  own talents and capabilities. He is an extremely supportive partner and always has kind critiques that guide and shape my ideas. Never a bad word to say, he  is just so talented that his work makes mine look pale in  comparison. So when I decided to create a incense burner for him it had to be cool! 

And so it all began with a  tall clay dragon head in blues and purples with eyes that look real and the best part is the incense smoke comes out of his nostrils. David was thrilled and I felt amazing! I began exploring. Exploring with every and anything I could get my hands on and the process was in motion. 

Wire twisted and beads hung on store bought rings, ear wires I bought turned into handcrafted ear wires and head pins. Copper wire became my love. I created and oxidized it, making earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Some with store bought parts but it soon transformed into my own hand crafted parts. The process has taken me far in a short period of time and yet I am so very new to the craft quickly.  
Everyday I learn things like soldering is no easy chore. Understanding metal alloy, its heating points and hardening techniques. Understanding that there are different levels of hard to soft solder and that when trying to create a prong you can not use the same solder that holds the prongs together, to solder the prongs to the

Like I said, I am a newbie, and I have been given a gift to create free form. I am into the ever changing process and I love it! Transformation, transition its a beautiful part of life and I appreciate the opportunity to sit at my table and explore art, explore life and share what I come up with. 





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