I'm delighted to featured this very talented jewelry designer. Huiyi Tan was born in China, was partly educated in the UK, lived some time in the US but is now in Cornwall, UK working on her collections.



Huiyi is an GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional. She was first trained to be an interior designer at college in China, and gained her MA in jewelry design at the School of Jewelry, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in the UK. After graduation, she lived in America for about 4 years and traveled to the U.K. from time to time. Since June 2010, she has been active in the artisan market as an independent jewelry designer and maker.




Some of the work Huiyi does is research work. She says:


" Because of the open visible space, I chose the ring as my practice and research object. There are three relationships that make these pieces attractive: the relationship between the hand and the form; between the hand and the fluidity; and between the form and the fluidity. They support one another."




You can find more of Huiyi's work here