Welcome to the world of Bonnie Bruno.


She borrows her inspiration from the colors and textures found in nature. Her abstracts begin with an original nature photo which she digitally manipulates, adds texture, and paints with a Wacom Intuos pen tablet. She uses a professional lab for printing on high-quality archival papers.




Bonnie has been prolific in uploading her beautiful photography here on TAS. I always look forward to seeing her work and she surprises me with her creativity and her perspective. Please take a look at her profile here because I know you'll find it a joy.




Bonnie is also a writer of children's books and greeting cards.


Bonnie says: "One of the realities of a writer’s life is that our books don’t last forever. It has been said that the average shelf life of a book is around two years, so it’s every writer’s challenge to keep coming up with new ideas and to not waste time lamenting past projects that are no longer in print. I’ve written devotionals for families; teacher’s object talk books; a family guide to computing back in the early days of the Internet; a Bible study guide that was a finalist for the Gold Medallion Book Award; and a series of historical fiction for middlers. Each has been unique and special, and a joy to write."



You can get more information about Bonnie here