I've known Monique for a short while now and our paths cross quite a lot in cyberspace. I've always admired what she does, particularly as she uses natural materials.

She uses the wet felting technique which is pretty intensive. She says working with fibers is like painting and makes life natural and beautiful.

Her items smell of lavender and cedar as she uses essential cedar and lavender oil in her studio to keep moths away. It's a natural way and smells lovely. A sachet of fresh lavender straight from the French Provence will be included in your parcel. How lovely!

Here are some of my favorite items from her collection.

This baby bottle warmer is made using the wet felting method. Lovely pink and purple dots are felted together. 100% baby soft merino wool is used. This keeps your bottle eiter warm or cold.

Lovely pink, orange and red baby soft merino wool has been wet felted into a lovely bag. Merino wool is very soft and featherlight. The bag is approx 16 wide and 16 cm high. That's 6.3"

This teapot cosy is seamless out of soft and warm merino roving with mulberry silk. After that the appliques have been needle felted on to it.

Beautiful earth coloured scarf / wrap
Size Approx 150 x 40 cm
Materials Used: chiffon Silk, Mulbery Silk, Merino Wool

Monique is happy to take custom orders and ships internationally. You can find more of her creations here.

This is a special feature as Tatum was our 100th member since our launch on 1st January. I was a little anxious as to who this member would be and what they would do but I need not have worried. Her work is absolutely delightful, full of happiness and humor. I find her childlike naive style absolutely enchanting.

Tatum is a mum living in Bowling Green, Kentucky with her husband, daughter, dog, and cats. If you're in the area, you might find her at a local art fair. She creates unique art from both new and recycled materials - from canvases to scraps of wood paneling, acrylic paint to old plastic game pieces. Whatever she can find, she tries to find a way to use it.

Here are a few of her pieces.


Walk-ins Welcome


These Little Birds print


Limited Chimp print ACEO


Why did The Ostrich Cross the Road

More of Tatum's works can be found here where they can also be purchased.

I've been inspired by this very creative lady. She really has tried her hand at many different disciplines including porcelain doll making but for me, it's her oil landscapes that captivated me. Some are entirely made up landscapes from photos she's taken here and there on her travels. This is what Joan says about herself:-

"I am a 65 yr old grandma and have been painting for about 30 years, off and on. At one time I was an active member of the Greater Flint Art Guild but dropped out when family obligations made it hard to keep up with the requirements of producing several pcs a year. I am ready to begin painting regularly again. I do landscapes, seascapes, and some pencil or chalk portraits. I also have done several reproduction mold hand made porcelain dolls, along with dressing many of them in period costumes, made from patterns."

Here are some of her landscape paintings I particularly liked and her descriptions.

This painting was done at a hobby shop in Holly, Mi., 30 years ago during the Dickens festival, beginning the Friday after Thanksgiving. The shop owner had asked me to set up and paint in her shop.I was happy to. She had displayed some of my early paintings in her store, and got me my first sale. Because it was the first one, she refused to take a consignment fee. This painting is not for sale, one of my daughters has it.

This is the Lighthouse at Copper Harbor, Mi.

A scenic path.

More of Joan's work can be viewed here

This article is to say a big thank you to Joan for being an active member of the forum. Your art could be featured as a member of the forum so please come and join.

We came across this article published by the Telegraph with images of these incredible snow sculptures that were formed simply by the wind pushing the snow along.


We're so amazed by these as they're entirely naturally formed. The larger ones are about 14 inches high. They were taken just outside Yeovil in a place called Mudford Sock in the UK.


Thought this was a nice one to share with you all as there's so much snow around right now.