It's about time I pulled my finger out and highlighted another one of our talented members. I've come to look forward to reading Aitch's posts on the forum and admiring her work on the gallery.

Helen Davison is from East Yorkshire, UK and paints mostly in acrylic and/or acrylic inks on box canvas. Her preferred genre of painting is abstract/semi-abstract although for commission purposes she has also painted several portraits. She's a very diverse artist and has an extensive portfolio.

Her other main love is that of bright colours and bold lines - she says she cannot imagine she could ever get to grips with an impressionistic style of painting as her leaning is far more towards the neat, precise brush strokes and lines. She does occasionally let rip with the palette knife but more often than not creates images with several straight edges.

Here are some of her works.

More of Helen's works can be viewed


She's very happy to take commissions and is lovely and friendly to approach.

During the time I've been selling online, I've come across some very quirky things indeed. Some have me laughing out loud, some leave me asking 'why?' and some just completely baffle me as to why you would even think to spend the time making them.  I've had enormous fun finding these little beauties. I think you'll be amazed.


A life-size leather alien?! Why? It would freak me out to find this on the landing. So well made though.


Now why wouldn't you have a fabric beard? I know you want one!


This is so life-like, it's really freaky. At least you don't have to get up at night to feed it!


I actually think these are kind of cute in a strange way.


This had me laughing out loud! Why would you want to dress up peanuts?!


A jacket for apples. Who am I to say this is weird or even pointless. It is kind of pretty though.

Another great site for seeing weird and wonderful handmade things is I laughed my socks off when I saw some of the items there.

You can visit these shops by clicking on the images.

Charon is one of our founder members and has been invaluable in getting the forum off the ground. Not only that, but he's very knowledgeable about his craft and has given much insight. I have been quite surprised at the diversity of chainmaille and learned that even clothing and home decorations can be made using these techniques.

Everything in his shop is hand made from the ground up, ring by ring. He does not use lengths of stock chain. Every ring is opened, woven into place, and closed by hand. Rings in most metals will be wound and cut by hand as well. Amazing patience!

Here are some of my favorites.

More creations can be found here.


Variya has been a very active member here since we started on 1st January. I have admired her designs for their organic feel which I love. They have a touch of vintage about them too. Most of her pieces are unique and one-offs so you can wear it happily knowing no one will own one the same as you.

Here are some of my favorites.

You can find more of her creations here Variya is happy to undertake commission which means you can precisely match your favorite outfit.


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