I must say that I have been very impressed with the way this duo have gone about setting up their business. They have been systematic and methodical, setting goals and achieving them. They are an excellent example of how well this site can work for other members too so check them out to see what they do to get exposure.


So, apart from being impressed with their business skills, I also greatly admire their designs. They make the most detailed, exquisite masks, hair vines, fascinators and tiaras. If you need something special for a ball or your wedding day, then do check these out. You will never find anything like this anywhere else so if you wish to stand out in the crowd, these are perfect.



These beautiful pieces are made entirely by hand, no soldering or glueing involved. The frame is wire bound at key points then a web of fine beaded wire is woven across the panels. They look very delicate but are remarkably strong!




Grin Grimace and Squeak are a very approachable couple and they will happily take on any commission you may have for your special occasion. You can contact them through this site or they also have an

etsy shop



MickeyArtGlass has been an interesting member on our site for some time. I have really enjoyed our discussions on the forum and he has imparted some very useful information.

They are a husband and wife team of glass "artists." They put the word "artists" in quotes because they are still evolving. They are both learning, growing and thinking through this medium. They love that glass moves as it is being worked.

We are just beginning the long journey down the yellow brick road to the rabbit hole and the world of glass beyond. Mickey (that's me) works with both soft and hard glass (mostly borosilicate these days) and Madeline (my lovely bride) works mostly with soft glass and is responsible for the necklaces, earrings and bracelets that come out of our shop. We live on a little farm with a bunch of dogs, 1 cat that eats like 12 cats, a goose and about 50 goats. Oh yeah, and a rooster that crows once in a while.

It is truly 4 dimensional art and fascinates me. The patterns and designs that they achieve are really wonderful. Much of their designs are nature inspired which I love.

Mickey and Madeline's blog can be seen


Karin has been a very active member of our site so I've got to know a bit about her and what she does. She is a European native who has settled in an oasis of culture on the west coast, US. She has experience as a couturier, specializing in bridal gowns but is currently moonlighting as a luxe accessories designer. This lady has many strings to her bow.

Her accessories are made to a high standard with attention to detail. She uses many different types of stitches, giving interesting textures.

Here are some of her things from her Etsy shop.






Karin's photography skills are also excellent as I think you'll agree. Her items really do pop out of the page and you can almost feel the textures.


You can give Karin custom orders, she is very approachable and flexible to follow your ideas. You can contact Karin through this site (registration is free) or you can find her on


This morning I almost stepped on a poor little dead bunny which had been brought in by my 3 hooligan cats.  It's the first time again in several months that they've actually ventured out. The reason being that finally the snow has melted and we can see grass again. It really made me think that spring was on it's way.  Soon we will yet again see buds forming on trees, baby rabbits (live ones!), fox cubs, fawns, lambs, ducklings, chicks etc. This is definitely the plus side of living in the middle of nowhere for me.  Soon I will start to plant my vegetables again too. Oh this is exciting! Yes, spring is on it's way!


As I'm writing this blog, a woodpecker is furiously working on building his nest in our woods. It's like a little pneumatic drill and it is relentless. I don't know how they don't get a headache!

New beginnings everyone! Be creative!

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